String Orchestra, Concert Band, Solo & Ensemble Sheet Music for Grades K-12, Mitch Bender, Founder

MSB Publishing

MSB Publishing is the publisher of over 400 musical arrangements for concert band, string orchestra, chorus and soloist.  The music is largely composed by director and composer Mitch Bender and our group of highly-regarded composers. Our Catalog of original works and arrangements  include pieces by noted composers; Elliot Del Borgo, Joseph Compello, Frank Rodgers, Gary Fagan, Ray Pancarowicz, Scott Humphries, Donald Olah, Jerry Weseley Harris, Scott Humphries, Lloyd Conley, Dan Kosko, Dr. Andrejs Jansons, Mark Seaman, Charles Gabriele, David Campo, Robert Klotman, Leland Forsblad, and others. MSB Publishing is a continuing venture selling Mitch Bender’s music and those of our composers. The company is run by Dave Bender, his wife Jean and brother, Steve. We are fully committed to keeping the memory of our father alive and ensure any string orchestra, concert band or soloist is able to continuing performing my dad’s music and those of our esteemed composers. His life’s work will continue and thrive.

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Mitch Bender

Mitchell Bender was an esteemed and gifted music director, composer and arranger who wrote fluently and prolifically for band, orchestra, chorus solo voice and virtually every instrument imaginable.

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